Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Review

After posting image of my Callaway Strata Ultimate set on instagram, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this club set lately. So i decided to address them all in this blog post. First off, i must note that normally Callaway Strata sets cost about four hundred dollars, but thanks to black friday sales, i got it for much less. If you have patience for it, waiting for holiday discounts on golf gear could potentially pay off. But let’s get back to the questions.

1.How good are they?

I am casual golfer, so i haven’t played with golf club sets that cost few thousand dollars. What i mean to is that i don’t have enough experience of playing with top notch clubs to compare them with Callaway Strata. I have an instinct that they couldn’t compare anyway, which only makes sense. Strata ultimate club set is just few hundred dollars, which is at least five times less than the price of luxury club sets. You can’t expect it to have luxury materials or incredible design like them. Overall, based on my experience, Callaway Strata Ultimate is better than most golf clubs i’ve played with. Some of those clubs cost way more than its price, too. To sum it all up, when it comes to performance, Callaway Ultimate set is second to none in its price range.

  1. How many clubs does it come with?

That is good question, because Callaway is sneakily confusing when it comes to numbers of clubs that each set contains. There are three most popular versions of Strata series club sets – 12 piece, 16 piece, and 18 piece, also called the ultimate club set. Beginners often think that 12 piece means that club set comes with 12 clubs, but that is not true. In reality, the aforementioned 12 piece set comes with 8 clubs, and additional “pieces” consist of headcovers and a stand bag. Still, very valuable proposition from standpoint of a beginner golfer, but somewhat vague. In turn, sixteen piece set comes with eleven clubs and the rest are accessories, and ultimate set comes with 12 clubs. Price difference between 16-piece and ultimate set is pretty large, especially considering the fact that difference in numbers of clubs is just one. Still, clubs that make up Ultimate club set are much better in terms of quality and performance than the other. The clubs and bag of that set also look great, so if you’re into aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed. The cheapest option of them all is obviously the set with the least amount of clubs. I also think that because of its simplicity, 12 piece set is the best option for beginners. Having too many options when it comes to golf clubs can be a bit confusing, so having few number of clubs can actually be seen as advantage.

  1. What’s the quality like?

I have played with Callaway Ultimate set for good 2 years, and even though it did eventually start to show signs of wear, when it comes to functionality, it’s still as good as new. Golf bag has withstood the test of time especially well.


These are the most common questions and my answers for them. I definitely think club sets from Callaway Strata series are the best option for beginner golfers, who are usually looking for golf clubs that will allow them to try out the waters before jumping in. In that way, these clubs fit the bill perfectly. They are cheap, yet effective, and on top of that, they look extremely good. Honestly, for such low proce, there isn’t much else you can ask of a golf club set. I’m not very good at writing reviews, so if you want more in-depth report, check out this Callaway Strata review by GolfClubsGuru.

How important is forgiveness of golf clubs?

When it comes to choosing golf clubs as a beginner, there is abundance of advice available to you. This advice stretches all over the spectrum – from choosing your clubs to recommendations about various golf courses in your area. One recurring theme in recommendations regarding choosing golf clubs as a beginner is how important forgiveness is. Many beginners are often confused by this term, as they should be. Sometimes even those experienced golfers giving advice don’t exactly know what forgiveness is. They might have vague idea that forgiveness is trait of golf club that makes it easier to use. When beginner makes a mistake, golf club with high level of forgiveness will do its best to negate that mistake and improve overall result.

To put it in other words, forgiveness golf club is measure of degree to which golf club will correct bad results of bad swing or some other bad play made by golfer. Manufacturers usually make golf clubs forgiving by improving their designs and using expensive materials that have specific traits required in the instance when golf club is supposed to be used. Improvements in design come at the cost of research and development departments within these brands, and luxurious materials are obviously not cheap. This is why forgiving golf clubs are often pretty expensive. that doesn’t mean that all beginners must fork over few thousand dollars to be able to enjoy playing golf to the fullest. There are golf club sets, such as the ones made by Callaway under their umbrella Strata brand, that manage to be both – forgiving (to a certain degree) and affordable. Of course they can’t match the kind of forgiveness that more expensive golf clubs can offer, but within the budget of few hundred dollars, that’s the best option available to golfers right now. High handicappers, who are usually the same people as the ones we refer to as beginners, need forgiving golf clubs the most. Some people call forgiving golf clubs by another name – game improvement clubs. Overall, i’d say that forgiveness is very useful feature in any individual golf club and club set. Beginners find it especially useful, so if you’re high handicapper, you know the most important feature to look for in your future golf club set. If you are a senior and want tips on how to choose irons for yourself, George’s tutorial about that.

Golf club manufacturers first started experimenting with traditional golf club designs few decades ago. First major improvement in making golf clubs more forgiving was perimeter weighting. By allocating main weight at specific spot, golfers discovered that it was possible to negate worst effects of a bad swing. Another major change that came with the rise of forgiving clubs is increase in size of the club head. Manufacturers also started to enlarge the size of sweet spot on faces of the golf clubs. This lead to them being easier to hit effectively.

To sum it all up, forgiveness is very useful trait to look for in golf club. It gives you sense of confidence as a beginner and at first glance, it may seem like it actually fixes all your golf problems as well. Even though it’s not that simple, the illusion of improved performance is still pleasurable. In truth, nothing but golf lessons and experience can truly improve your results.

Best golf balls for ladies

It is common and even recommended for women to use golf clubs that are made specifically for them. There are some excellent women’s club sets on market right now, so i don’t see why they wouldn’t. Clubs for both genders are basically the same, but there are minor differences which do make a difference in the end.

 What about other golf gear though? What about golf balls? Should women use golf balls that are designed and made for them in particular? These are the questions that many women are trying to find answer to these days. There have been many improvements in women’s golf gear, most importantly in the golf clubs space, but also in making new golf balls for women. The third club set from this tutorial is the best thing i’ve come across this year. 

 Most manufacturers do think that there’s something to benefit from using women’s golf balls. Otherwise, why would they make those balls? Not just that, but women themselves who play using these golf balls have been saying wonderful things as well. Major golf ball brands like Nike, Srixon and Callaway are already selling women’s golf balls, and are developing new and better models as we speak. They can’t be wasting all that effort for nothing. On the other hand, it might be just that they’re interested in more sales and profits. If they said that golf balls are gender neutral, husbands and wives could easily share them, which isn’t good for business. Probably that’s why not all brands are getting into this field. TaylorMade, for example, has so far abstained from making these balls. They aren’t quiet about their skepticism, either. Most of the brands on this side claim that their balls are made for both – men and women. Who knows, if sales prove to be worth it, maybe they’ll change their minds.

 The question of how much golf ball can affect your game is already answered, i think. In the golf community, it is agreed upon that beginners are better off by using low-compression balls over any other. These balls are labeled as Tour type of balls, and they are one of the best-selling items among beginners, as they should be. In the world of golf, the main distinction between beginner and expert is the swing speed. Male golfers are considered to be beginners until they achieve swing speed higher than hundred mphs. Women, on the other hand, due to physical differences, aren’t as fast. Average swing speed for women is around 70 mph. So if these “tour” balls can make difference for those with slow swing speeds (who are considered beginners) and women happen to have swing speeds that are on average 30% slower than men, then it makes sense to make golf balls specifically designed for them, doesn’t it?

 Ladies golf balls are made with these statistics in mind. They usually will be low compression, like the tour balls i’ve mentioned, with few tweaks and changes mixed in there. Any golf ball categorized as women’s will be fine for ladies, as well as men’s golf balls that are designed for lower swing speeds (tour ones).

 With that being said, how much can these balls actually affect your game? There’s a lot of effort that goes into choosing perfect golf ball for yourself, but is it justified? You might be better off just buying first decent product that you land your eyes on, because of all the time you’ll be saving. Well, it’s not that simple.

 Golf balls are very useful for hitting longer drives, but the difference usually is no more than few yards. Sorry to disappoint you, but choosing perfect ball won’t dramatically improve your long game. But don’t lose all hope just yet, there are more benefits to using ladies’ golf ball.

 Short game is where good golf balls really excel. It is also more important – you take shots from short distances way more frequently than you do with drivers. Golf ball with the right spin will facilitate the task of getting your golf ball as close to the hole as you can. Women also tend to hit golf balls with lower speed and lower spin, so choosing golf ball with solid backspin can be crucial towards improving your results. You also want your shots to have high trajectory, which is unlikely to happen with regular golf balls unless you have very fast swing speed. You should aim for higher trajectory because it will increase distance and control in the long run. So when you’re doing research for buying women’s golf balls, look for balls that have dimples or some other design tweaks that help you generate lofty trajectory even with slow swing speeds.

 I also always prefer my golf balls to be brightly colored. It’s not just because of my taste in style. Colored golf balls are easier to find in the fields, even if it’s cloudy. Just make sure it’s not green. Bright colors are the best for this purpose. Most importantly, if you are the type of golfer who likes to watch his/her own golf ball fly and travel the distance, it will be much easier for you to trace colored golf ball. Personally, my favorite color is bright yellow. It’s not too outlandish, looks stylish and comes with all the other benefits, of course.

Last, but not least, is the issue of price. You would think that women’s golf balls would be treated as specialty item and therefore would be overpriced, but in fact, most balls  cost around 20$ per dozen. Of course, there are some premium models, but this is common price for decent quality balls. Cost is basically the same as men’s balls. When i was shopping for women’s golf balls, what bothered me was lack of variety. There aren’t many balls developed specifically for women yet. The number is increasing every year though. Good thing is that us, ladies, take much better care of our balls and rarely lose them, so a dozen lasts much longer.

Tips on how to use hybrid golf clubs

There is no doubt that hybrid golf clubs are very useful, especially if you’re a beginner. Since their introduction in early 2000s, hybrid clubs seem to have been getting increasingly popular, and it seems unlikely that the trend will stop anytime soon. So naturally, because of this popularity among the beginners, hybrids tend to be pretty interesting to many people. They ask questions like – how do i hit the hybrid properly? Which hybrid is the best? And alike. With this post, i wanted to address and answer those questions.

Long irons were no doubt very hard to hit, which is exactly why hybrids came into existence. People were looking for convenient and simple golf clubs that didn’t require insane amounts of practice to hit properly, and the hybrids fit the bill perfectly. One must remember though, that hybrids are only handy when you know how to use them. By that i mean, you know how to swing hybrids properly and use their specific design to your advantage. Many golfers hear that hybrids are great, which is true, and they buy hybrids in hopes of improving their golf game. The bad part is that they have no idea what to do with these clubs, so they eventually end up disappointed. Truth is that, if you’ve ever hit long irons and know at least basics of that type of swing, then transition to hybrids should be rather simple. You’ll have to make minor adjustments in your swing, but overall, your swing is going to stay about the same as it used to be with long iron, so it’s nothing to worry about. If you do try to radically change the way you swing your hybrid, it will come at the cost of consistency of your shots and results.

One important detail about hybrids that every golfer must remember is that they are supposed to be replacement for long irons, not for 3 woods. Sure, the best hybrids will have best of both worlds – irons as well as fairway woods, but primarily, they are replacement for the former, not the latter. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Many club manufacturers make hybrids that can be used interchangeably with fairway woods. As a rule of thumb, i would recommend taking a good look at the hybrid itself. If it looks a lot like a wood, then it may be replacement for it.

Finding out the best way to swing your hybrid consists of few simple steps. First, you must identify whether it requires wood-like or iron-like swing. That can be investigated easily by following the process that i laid out in last paragraph. Just like their clubhead, the length of hybrid clubs tends to be somewhere in between of an iron and wood. So you should take that into account when performing your swing, and for maximum results, stand a little farther away from golf ball than you normally would. When hitting with hybrid, it’s also recommended to have a stance that is narrower than the stance you’d have if you were hitting using driver or fairway wood.  

When it comes to hybrids, you should also get to know their advantages and disadvantages.One of the biggest recognized advantages of hybrids is their versatility on the field. They can be used in many situations and can rescue you from the worst positions, which is why they are also called rescue clubs. Hybrids are especially useful on the roughs, especially compared to long irons. So use them with caution and to your best advantage, i guess that’s all the advice i have to give about hybrids.

How to hit golf wedge properly

Some times, golfers need to count upon a powerful leash play match to escape from tough challenges or drive the chunk those past few yards into the green. If you are unsure of one’s chipping or throwing, or you also fight on bunker shots round the pit, the recommendations below can allow you to boost your leash sport and fundamentally lessen the amount of strokes for each pit.

Most golfers do not obtain a great deal of experience until they truly are playing with their very first round of golf together with getting balls-out of catchy bunkers and on the green. These stair shots need specialization golf clubs called pliers to lift the ball from the sandpit and then backup on the green beneath the pit.

In the same way, players that end up at the demanding grass just out the green may possibly need to pitch or chip their ball throughout the past couple of yards using a leash so as to keep up control and direct the ball closer to the pit.

If a new player becomes trapped into a sandpit on greenside bunkers, the ideal alternative to receive them nearer to or at the pit is to use a leash club to knock on the ball securely but lightly enough to catch this up and from this pit and then on the playing field without moving too much beyond the aim.

Perhaps the main section of sharpening a new player’s technique in regards to stair shots would be to check and understand that the point of entrance drill to get sand shots in addition to adjusting to different sand states . Based upon the thickness of this ball, the depth and wetness of this sand, and also the exact distance to a pit, a person is going to need to re assess the drilling strength needed to softly drive the ball out from their vine.

It’s essential, too, for golfers to be sure you not hit the ball excessive or too lower as will lead to tragedy for the ball player — when he strikes it excessive, the ball will probably only drive further into the sandpit even while if he strikes it too low, then it may possibly soar much over the pit or even up at the atmosphere.

Swinging aggressively could be the only means to accomplish decent touch also to find the ball flying onto a predictable trajectory. In this photo, you could tell I have dismissed my buttocks and torso toward the mark with speed. I am turning with my enormous muscles that my wrists and hands feel like they are only along for that ride. Much like the backswing, I would like my followthrough to be more abbreviated. Again, have a look at the way my hands have been in the front of my torso, perhaps not lazily drooping on my shoulders.

Some times it might be needed that a participant hit on a lob shot, also called being a flop shooter , to lob the ball , specially rough patch ahead of the putting green. Many utilize the”1 1 Ball Drill” to spot weakness and strengths round the putting green in sequence to enhance and quicker enhance their matches.

Shortening a participant backswing and quickening the club can additionally improve massaging as hitting down the ball will pop this up immediately before forcing it directly below the pit across the top of putting green. In the same way, the 7-8-9 along with 6-8-10 techniques may also help improve chipping, as are these processor taken principles that are thought to aid players avoid chunks and sculls.

It’s essential for players to bear in mind that a nice and productive chip drill necessitates that players maintain the team moving impact so as to extend the complete processor having controlplayers and players should prefer massaging over pitching when potential .

Make sure you also take a look at instructional DVDs and the most useful shortgame instructional novels to help improve your skills, and, like always, practice really makes perfect therefore move out into the bunkers and begin practicing your short game today.

The processor is essentially an abysmal movement. I actually don’t want my buttocks or thighs moving far whatsoever. To get this to tiny swing, then I feel as a small portion of my torso may be the engine which pushes the club head. The forwards angle inside my wrists generated at speech remains fairly steady, however, the secret is to be too stiff throughout the swing, so specially in the impact. I view a whole lot of amateurs stressed up and dig out the major advantage. With legs that are soft, you allow the club discharge beyond both fingers just a touch (above). This activates the rebound, that wide base of the club head that saves us from hitting hot screamers along with chili-dips.

What is it like to play golf with president Obama?

The other day i was watching interview with Larry David and subject of golf came up. Obviously, i started to actually pay attention, and found out that he had played golf with our former president. I love Obama, and wanted to find out what he was like as a golfer.  Larry, very funnily described him as very humble and generous player, with a little pettines thrown in there. But by the way he said it, i could tell it was intended to be a joke.

Anyway, i actually started to research on the subject and gathering every bit of information on what he is like as a golfer. It turns out, big chunk of information on obama playing golf comes from our current president, complaining about how much time Obama was spending on golfing. It’s ironic that he is taking a lot more days off than Obama did, but that’s not the point of this post. So let’s discuss into what i found out about our president while digging into everything golf-related that was published about him.

First of all, i found out that his favorite brand of golf club is probably a Nike. As two of his drivers and all of his golf clubs are made by them. Too bad Nike is quitting golf club business. Even with Tiger Woods and President himself promoting their clubs, they couldn’t sustain the expenses. Back to Obama Though. Out of three woods, one seems to be Taylormade R11 Driver, which, in my opinion, is perfect choice for a player like him. I also found out about one nice gesture from famous golf players and champions of modern golf – Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Davis Love. Story tells that they gave President Obama golf clubs as a gift, and invited him to golf championship they were all going to participate in. Although, looking at his current golf club set, he didn’t seem to keep those clubs in his bag. Maybe he’s one of those people who are picky about golf clubs and need everything to be just right. Or maybe he did bring those clubs to golf course and played with them. There is very little information on what golf clubs he plays with every day, so we can only speculate.

One more thing. Since he has left white house, there has been a lot of speculation on where he was going to live and which golf club he would join. It seems like he tried handful of them, including major jewish golf community in Maryland, but he landed on Columbia Country Club, which is pretty close from his 8 million dollar home in Washington. By the way, he plans to stay there for a few years, until his daughter Sasha finishes high school. All in all, you can say anything about Obama, and you can hate his policies, but no one can deny that the man has class.

Buying golf club set vs individual clubs

When beginners ask me for advice about buying new golf clubs for themselves, i always recommend buying pre-packaged golf club sets such as Callaway Strata and many other series from trusted brands. Why? Buying Callaway Strata or similar club set has many advantages over collecting all the clubs one by one by yourself. First of all, it’s much simpler. Even if you’re choosing clubs for your children, You avoid the headache of having to pick high quality junior’s golf clubs from vast amount of fakes and low quality golf clubs out there. It saves tremendous time and money as well. Manufacturers like Callaway would much rather sell golf clubs in bulk, so they price them accordingly to motivate buyers into buying the complete sets. Honestly, i’ve tried Callaway Ultimate set and it would take up to thousand dollars to collect the set of similar quality by buying individual golf clubs separately. And you shouldn’t forget that these clubs come with golf club bag. Golf bags separately usually cost from fifty to hundred dollars, so you should factor that in as well.

Plus, another flaw of buying individual golf clubs is the marketing cost markup that you have to pay for. Just imagine how much money top brands, such as Nike and TaylorMade are pouring into athletes’ pockets just so they wear and use their golf gear. All that money is paid by people buying from this company and is factored in each product’s cost. So do you really want to be paying those huge promotion deals, or do you want to get set of clubs that will actually fit your golfing style and experience. In my opinion, as a beginner, that’s the choice you have to make – do you want to show off and spend foolishly, or do you want to get actual club set that will help you gain experience and improve your game so you can move on to play with more sophisticated golf clubs and truly appreciate them. As opposed to beginners, who are usually rich and buy the most expensive golf club they can get their hands on, thinking that it will improve their game and reputation. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t affect either. In fact, it might harm your reputation if you’re playing with people like me who can’t stand showing off.

For all these reasons, i definitely recommend going with more affordable option and getting golf club sets. It doesn’t have to be Callaway Strata as i mentioned earlier, but make sure to check club reviews to make sure that particular product is made well. You can also guess it by the online rating, and in my experience, anything with and above 4.5 star rating is pretty good. It just happens that Callaway Strata Ultimate was the one i had tried, and i liked it a lot. I’m assuming Wilson and other golf club manufacturers have some nice club sets out there as well.

Annoying moments and people on golf course

In today’s post, i’m going to talk about situations and people that are unfortunately very familiar to all of us. One of the biggest reasons for why i love golf is community – great people that i get to enjoy playing golf with, but that’s not always the case. Even on the golf course you can often find inconsiderate jerks who have no sympathy for your time and effort. And i’m not pointing fingers at anyone. We all have bad day and may act rudely even without realizing it, but it’s up to us to realize that we’re not acting nicely and make up for by apology or however else we can. Anyway, here are some of the worst situations i’ve been on golf course and some of the worst people i’ve met.

A year or two ago, i was out with my brother to play round of golf on weekend and have a good time. First three holes were a breeze and only took slightly more than about half an hour, and that’s when we arrived on the fourth. Four elder women, probably in their fifties, were playing there, and as i didn’t want to be rude, i decided to wait for our turn without approaching them. We stood there waiting for literally an hour, and then i approached them to ask if we could get done with our hole quickly so we could move along. One of the women instantly started yelling at me, shouting that they paid for a tee time and they didn’t expect anyone to disturb them. After explaining that she wasn’t the only one who paid for the course, she stopped making sense at all and resolved to shouting again. We had two choices, either we would call up representative of the golf course to resolve the situation for us, or we could move along. At this point we were pretty tired and decided to quit golf for the day and quickly left afterwards. That is how one rude group of women ruined nice evening of golf for us.

One more annoying and somewhat humorous (probably to the observer) memory of mine is playing golf with this one guy who was obsessed with fixing my swing, even though i didn’t ask. It was about four years ago, when i was still a beginner golfer. And i went golfing with this colleague, who i didn’t know very well but just happened to be into golf like i was. But quickly into the process of playing along with him, i started to deeply regret that decision. He might have had good intentions and wanted to help me, but his explanations confused me even more. And i’m not one of those people who aren’t teachable, at least i don’t think i am. But this guy was super obnoxious and annoying with his lessons. The fact that i didn’t have good set of golf clubs probably didn’t help either, so i quickly had to replace them with best set of irons clubs beginner can have. All in all, it was valuable learning experience as i decided to never play golf with him again.

Fundamentals OF Veganism – Everything you need to know about it

A excellent explanation for moral veganism stems in the International Vegetarian Union, “Veganism might be described as a means of living that attempts to exclude, so much as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or another purpose.

There are numerous reasons someone may opt to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Some of those ethical reasons people choose to direct a vegan lifestyle include:

Animal welfare issues and the objection to using animals as commodities.

environmental problems directly related to animal agriculture (such as air pollution and contaminated drainage from factory farming to water equipment) and also to help lessen our over consumption of resources such as soil, water, and fossil fuels

adopting veganism for Part of the solution to world hunger by more effectively using our planet’s food sources

A dietary vegan might decide to adhere to a plant-based diet to health reasons and may not choose to avoid animal products in other elements of their lives.


There are so many amazing vegetarian foods on the market, you could be amazed by precisely how many options there are! Here’s just a few examples of a Few of the foods vegans eat:

Every Sort of fruit: apples, berries, oranges, mangoes, pineapple, grapes, papaya

every Kind of vegetable: asparagus, broccoli broccoli, celery, carrots, zucchini, spinach

nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, almond butter

carbohydrates: sausage, pasta, bread, bagels, pitas, wraps, rice, quinoa

beans and legumes including broccoli, edamame, hummus, black beans, chickpeas, lentils

non-dairy milks: coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, oat milk

chocolate: Lots of varieties of dark chocolate as well as non-dairy milk snacks made out of coconut milk, soy, or rice milk

crap food: fries, onion rings, chips, cookies, cake, candy (check the components, a Number of These products are only byproduct dish)

milk options: coconut ice cream, almond and coconut milk, coffee creamers, vegan milk and cream cheese, pork butter

meat options: tempeh bacon, veggie burgers, deli sandwich pieces, dish noodles, holiday roasts

As attention in the vegan movement keeps growing, being vegetarian becomes simpler every day. The food sector is providing more and more delicious and compassionate vegetarian choices as recipe developers, chefs, and food bloggers produce new techniques to veganize popular foods. Look for veganized versions of your favourite dishes and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll find!

All animal products have been offered from a vegetarian diet, this includes: beef, poultry, seafood, legumes, eggs, honey, and also their own by-products.

A vegetarian lifestyle includes avoidance of animal products in day-to daily life in addition to diet. This includes but isn’t limited to: products tested on animals, creature derived cloths, Personal care products containing animal components .

Veganism isn’t about the label.