There is no doubt that hybrid golf clubs are very useful, especially if you’re a beginner. Since their introduction in early 2000s, hybrid clubs seem to have been getting increasingly popular, and it seems unlikely that the trend will stop anytime soon. So naturally, because of this popularity among the beginners, hybrids tend to be pretty interesting to many people. They ask questions like – how do i hit the hybrid properly? Which hybrid is the best? And alike. With this post, i wanted to address and answer those questions.

Long irons were no doubt very hard to hit, which is exactly why hybrids came into existence. People were looking for convenient and simple golf clubs that didn’t require insane amounts of practice to hit properly, and the hybrids fit the bill perfectly. One must remember though, that hybrids are only handy when you know how to use them. By that i mean, you know how to swing hybrids properly and use their specific design to your advantage. Many golfers hear that hybrids are great, which is true, and they buy hybrids in hopes of improving their golf game. The bad part is that they have no idea what to do with these clubs, so they eventually end up disappointed. Truth is that, if you’ve ever hit long irons and know at least basics of that type of swing, then transition to hybrids should be rather simple. You’ll have to make minor adjustments in your swing, but overall, your swing is going to stay about the same as it used to be with long iron, so it’s nothing to worry about. If you do try to radically change the way you swing your hybrid, it will come at the cost of consistency of your shots and results.

One important detail about hybrids that every golfer must remember is that they are supposed to be replacement for long irons, not for 3 woods. Sure, the best hybrids will have best of both worlds – irons as well as fairway woods, but primarily, they are replacement for the former, not the latter. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Many club manufacturers make hybrids that can be used interchangeably with fairway woods. As a rule of thumb, i would recommend taking a good look at the hybrid itself. If it looks a lot like a wood, then it may be replacement for it.

Finding out the best way to swing your hybrid consists of few simple steps. First, you must identify whether it requires wood-like or iron-like swing. That can be investigated easily by following the process that i laid out in last paragraph. Just like their clubhead, the length of hybrid clubs tends to be somewhere in between of an iron and wood. So you should take that into account when performing your swing, and for maximum results, stand a little farther away from golf ball than you normally would. When hitting with hybrid, it’s also recommended to have a stance that is narrower than the stance you’d have if you were hitting using driver or fairway wood.  

When it comes to hybrids, you should also get to know their advantages and disadvantages.One of the biggest recognized advantages of hybrids is their versatility on the field. They can be used in many situations and can rescue you from the worst positions, which is why they are also called rescue clubs. Hybrids are especially useful on the roughs, especially compared to long irons. So use them with caution and to your best advantage, i guess that’s all the advice i have to give about hybrids.