Month: February 2019

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Review

After posting image of my Callaway Strata Ultimate set on instagram, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this club set lately. So i decided to address them all in this blog post. First off, i must note that normally Callaway Strata sets cost about four hundred dollars, but thanks to black friday sales, i got it for much less. If you have patience for it, waiting for holiday discounts on golf gear could potentially pay off. But let’s get back to the questions.

1.How good are they?

I am casual golfer, so i haven’t played with golf club sets that cost few thousand dollars. What i mean to is that i don’t have enough experience of playing with top notch clubs to compare them with Callaway Strata. I have an instinct that they couldn’t compare anyway, which only makes sense. Strata ultimate club set is just few hundred dollars, which is at least five times less than the price of luxury club sets. You can’t expect it to have luxury materials or incredible design like them. Overall, based on my experience, Callaway Strata Ultimate is better than most golf clubs i’ve played with. Some of those clubs cost way more than its price, too. To sum it all up, when it comes to performance, Callaway Ultimate set is second to none in its price range.

  1. How many clubs does it come with?

That is good question, because Callaway is sneakily confusing when it comes to numbers of clubs that each set contains. There are three most popular versions of Strata series club sets – 12 piece, 16 piece, and 18 piece, also called the ultimate club set. Beginners often think that 12 piece means that club set comes with 12 clubs, but that is not true. In reality, the aforementioned 12 piece set comes with 8 clubs, and additional “pieces” consist of headcovers and a stand bag. Still, very valuable proposition from standpoint of a beginner golfer, but somewhat vague. In turn, sixteen piece set comes with eleven clubs and the rest are accessories, and ultimate set comes with 12 clubs. Price difference between 16-piece and ultimate set is pretty large, especially considering the fact that difference in numbers of clubs is just one. Still, clubs that make up Ultimate club set are much better in terms of quality and performance than the other. The clubs and bag of that set also look great, so if you’re into aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed. The cheapest option of them all is obviously the set with the least amount of clubs. I also think that because of its simplicity, 12 piece set is the best option for beginners. Having too many options when it comes to golf clubs can be a bit confusing, so having few number of clubs can actually be seen as advantage.

  1. What’s the quality like?

I have played with Callaway Ultimate set for good 2 years, and even though it did eventually start to show signs of wear, when it comes to functionality, it’s still as good as new. Golf bag has withstood the test of time especially well.


These are the most common questions and my answers for them. I definitely think club sets from Callaway Strata series are the best option for beginner golfers, who are usually looking for golf clubs that will allow them to try out the waters before jumping in. In that way, these clubs fit the bill perfectly. They are cheap, yet effective, and on top of that, they look extremely good. Honestly, for such low proce, there isn’t much else you can ask of a golf club set. I’m not very good at writing reviews, so if you want more in-depth report, check out this Callaway Strata review by GolfClubsGuru.

How important is forgiveness of golf clubs?

When it comes to choosing golf clubs as a beginner, there is abundance of advice available to you. This advice stretches all over the spectrum – from choosing your clubs to recommendations about various golf courses in your area. One recurring theme in recommendations regarding choosing golf clubs as a beginner is how important forgiveness is. Many beginners are often confused by this term, as they should be. Sometimes even those experienced golfers giving advice don’t exactly know what forgiveness is. They might have vague idea that forgiveness is trait of golf club that makes it easier to use. When beginner makes a mistake, golf club with high level of forgiveness will do its best to negate that mistake and improve overall result.

To put it in other words, forgiveness golf club is measure of degree to which golf club will correct bad results of bad swing or some other bad play made by golfer. Manufacturers usually make golf clubs forgiving by improving their designs and using expensive materials that have specific traits required in the instance when golf club is supposed to be used. Improvements in design come at the cost of research and development departments within these brands, and luxurious materials are obviously not cheap. This is why forgiving golf clubs are often pretty expensive. that doesn’t mean that all beginners must fork over few thousand dollars to be able to enjoy playing golf to the fullest. There are golf club sets, such as the ones made by Callaway under their umbrella Strata brand, that manage to be both – forgiving (to a certain degree) and affordable. Of course they can’t match the kind of forgiveness that more expensive golf clubs can offer, but within the budget of few hundred dollars, that’s the best option available to golfers right now. High handicappers, who are usually the same people as the ones we refer to as beginners, need forgiving golf clubs the most. Some people call forgiving golf clubs by another name – game improvement clubs. Overall, i’d say that forgiveness is very useful feature in any individual golf club and club set. Beginners find it especially useful, so if you’re high handicapper, you know the most important feature to look for in your future golf club set. If you are a senior and want tips on how to choose irons for yourself, George’s tutorial about that.

Golf club manufacturers first started experimenting with traditional golf club designs few decades ago. First major improvement in making golf clubs more forgiving was perimeter weighting. By allocating main weight at specific spot, golfers discovered that it was possible to negate worst effects of a bad swing. Another major change that came with the rise of forgiving clubs is increase in size of the club head. Manufacturers also started to enlarge the size of sweet spot on faces of the golf clubs. This lead to them being easier to hit effectively.

To sum it all up, forgiveness is very useful trait to look for in golf club. It gives you sense of confidence as a beginner and at first glance, it may seem like it actually fixes all your golf problems as well. Even though it’s not that simple, the illusion of improved performance is still pleasurable. In truth, nothing but golf lessons and experience can truly improve your results.