It is common and even recommended for women to use golf clubs that are made specifically for them. There are some excellent women’s club sets on market right now, so i don’t see why they wouldn’t. Clubs for both genders are basically the same, but there are minor differences which do make a difference in the end.

 What about other golf gear though? What about golf balls? Should women use golf balls that are designed and made for them in particular? These are the questions that many women are trying to find answer to these days. There have been many improvements in women’s golf gear, most importantly in the golf clubs space, but also in making new golf balls for women. The third club set from this tutorial is the best thing i’ve come across this year. 

 Most manufacturers do think that there’s something to benefit from using women’s golf balls. Otherwise, why would they make those balls? Not just that, but women themselves who play using these golf balls have been saying wonderful things as well. Major golf ball brands like Nike, Srixon and Callaway are already selling women’s golf balls, and are developing new and better models as we speak. They can’t be wasting all that effort for nothing. On the other hand, it might be just that they’re interested in more sales and profits. If they said that golf balls are gender neutral, husbands and wives could easily share them, which isn’t good for business. Probably that’s why not all brands are getting into this field. TaylorMade, for example, has so far abstained from making these balls. They aren’t quiet about their skepticism, either. Most of the brands on this side claim that their balls are made for both – men and women. Who knows, if sales prove to be worth it, maybe they’ll change their minds.

 The question of how much golf ball can affect your game is already answered, i think. In the golf community, it is agreed upon that beginners are better off by using low-compression balls over any other. These balls are labeled as Tour type of balls, and they are one of the best-selling items among beginners, as they should be. In the world of golf, the main distinction between beginner and expert is the swing speed. Male golfers are considered to be beginners until they achieve swing speed higher than hundred mphs. Women, on the other hand, due to physical differences, aren’t as fast. Average swing speed for women is around 70 mph. So if these “tour” balls can make difference for those with slow swing speeds (who are considered beginners) and women happen to have swing speeds that are on average 30% slower than men, then it makes sense to make golf balls specifically designed for them, doesn’t it?

 Ladies golf balls are made with these statistics in mind. They usually will be low compression, like the tour balls i’ve mentioned, with few tweaks and changes mixed in there. Any golf ball categorized as women’s will be fine for ladies, as well as men’s golf balls that are designed for lower swing speeds (tour ones).

 With that being said, how much can these balls actually affect your game? There’s a lot of effort that goes into choosing perfect golf ball for yourself, but is it justified? You might be better off just buying first decent product that you land your eyes on, because of all the time you’ll be saving. Well, it’s not that simple.

 Golf balls are very useful for hitting longer drives, but the difference usually is no more than few yards. Sorry to disappoint you, but choosing perfect ball won’t dramatically improve your long game. But don’t lose all hope just yet, there are more benefits to using ladies’ golf ball.

 Short game is where good golf balls really excel. It is also more important – you take shots from short distances way more frequently than you do with drivers. Golf ball with the right spin will facilitate the task of getting your golf ball as close to the hole as you can. Women also tend to hit golf balls with lower speed and lower spin, so choosing golf ball with solid backspin can be crucial towards improving your results. You also want your shots to have high trajectory, which is unlikely to happen with regular golf balls unless you have very fast swing speed. You should aim for higher trajectory because it will increase distance and control in the long run. So when you’re doing research for buying women’s golf balls, look for balls that have dimples or some other design tweaks that help you generate lofty trajectory even with slow swing speeds.

 I also always prefer my golf balls to be brightly colored. It’s not just because of my taste in style. Colored golf balls are easier to find in the fields, even if it’s cloudy. Just make sure it’s not green. Bright colors are the best for this purpose. Most importantly, if you are the type of golfer who likes to watch his/her own golf ball fly and travel the distance, it will be much easier for you to trace colored golf ball. Personally, my favorite color is bright yellow. It’s not too outlandish, looks stylish and comes with all the other benefits, of course.

Last, but not least, is the issue of price. You would think that women’s golf balls would be treated as specialty item and therefore would be overpriced, but in fact, most balls  cost around 20$ per dozen. Of course, there are some premium models, but this is common price for decent quality balls. Cost is basically the same as men’s balls. When i was shopping for women’s golf balls, what bothered me was lack of variety. There aren’t many balls developed specifically for women yet. The number is increasing every year though. Good thing is that us, ladies, take much better care of our balls and rarely lose them, so a dozen lasts much longer.