Marriage, especially after having children, can sometimes be too time-consuming to allow you to enjoy your hobbies, such as golf. But there is a way to do both, be a responsible parent and husband and play golf. That is, by playing together with your family. Playing with children comes with problems of it’s own, but advantages far outweigh its flaws. It’s hard to keep them and by extension, yourself concentrated on the golf game, but their blissfullness can also be entertaining. I try to think of my family golf course visits as family time in the first place, and time to play golf as secondary priority. One of the most enjoyable times i’ve had in my life were with my family on the golf course. It wasn’t anything golf-related, either. So i decided to write this post to hopefully teach young dads and moms how to approach this problem productively.

 The most important thing, when trying to have a nice time golfing with your family, is to choose the right time to visit the course. Normally, i have always preferred golfing in the morning, but when you’re spending time with your family, that isn’t really a viable option. For the sake of your own and other golfers’ mental stability, i’d recommend taking your children to the golf course in the evenings. Teaching kids how to play golf is hard, and it requires patience. Even if you’re willing to be patient enough, chances are, other golfers might not be and the whole situation will be unpleasant everyone, especially for your kids. No one likes to be rushed when they’re just getting started with golf. You should teach them to play quickly so that they don’t disturb their peers, but in the beginning, there should always be room for mistakes. Which is hard to come by in the busiest hours. Hence, why i recommend golfing with your family in the evenings.

 The best way to get your kids excited about golf, is to get them new stuff. That includes golf equipment, apparel or whatever else related to golf. I’m minimalist myself, and don’t think that posessions can bring happiness, but golf can be kind of difficult to learn and making it a little exciting by cool gifts is all i can do to get them interested. It’s hard and puts pressure on my bank account, but in the long run, i want kids who are healthy and have hobbies. I don’t want them to stay at home all day playing video games.  Obviously, those new golf clubs shouldn’t be anything fancy. There are plenty of kids golf club sets that cost around hundred dollars, and as long as they look good and are of decent quality, i think you should get one of those. While you’re at it, you should endulge a little bit for your own golf clubs as well. Having good golf clubs can be good motivator in going to the golf course more frequently. If you’re intermediate-level golfer like i am, one of these should suffice. Plus, it’s not necessary for everything to be golf clubs or other expensive golf gadgets. Even golf balls and tees can be exciting sometimes. Same applies to your wife – endulge her with nice golf gadgets and clubs. There are plenty of golf club sets that aren’t expensive while having excellent looks and capability to improve quality of the game as well.

 One more thing to keep in mind when playing golf with children is that they get tired quickly. If you want them to remain interested in golf, make good use of golf carts available. Walking might be your choice, it’s certainly my favorite kind of transportation, but kids won’t be able to keep up so you should tempirarily change to driving. Driving golf carts, on the other hand, is super exciting for most kids i’ve met. That’s what you should aim for – to make the golfing experience exciting and memorable. If you succeed at doing that, children will be asking you them to the golf course every day. Driving golf carts is one of the times when you should just do something, even if it feels wrong, for the greater good.

  It’s also helpful to make things easier for your children. Humans naturally want to do more of things that they’re good at, and get frustrated by doing things that they can’t do. Golf is no different. If you have your children competing at the same level as you, they’ll look at your results and will be disappointed in themselves for not being even close. Because of that, i always have my kids shoot from shorter distance. This makes them enjoy the game more and also be confident in themselves so they aren’t discouraged to learn. Trial and experience is the only true way to learn golf, i think. Golf lessons might be useful for learning basics, but overall, they can’t really teach you how to play golf. Playing the sport itself and making mistakes can.

 You should also take time to tell your kids when they’re doing something the wrong way. Teaching them basic rules of playing golf on the golf course is also important. They should know etiquette so that they can become independet players one day. You could let life and experience teach them those lessons, but if you can, you might as well do it yourself.

 Most importantly, remember that your children are just kids and treat them that way. Don’t expect them to get the hang of it right away. Just focus on keeping the right attitude to learn and the rest will happen by itself. It will help all of you to have a better time.